4th January 2019
Lucy Storey

Established in 1988, the College has recently passed its thirtieth birthday. As we enter our thirty first year of existence we are now a very different place compared with thirty years ago and the time has come for this to be reflected in our name. Consequently, the New Year of 2019 will see a new name for one of Oxford’s longest established independent colleges as Oxford Tutorial College becomes Oxford Sixth Form College.

In its early years as a ‘crammer’ for A-level retake students and through continuing to enrol A-level retake students in subsequent years, Oxford Tutorial College guided hundreds of such students through the years to achieve greatly improved A-level results.

Over time we developed and an increasing number of students, both U.K. and international, chose to study one or two-year A-level programmes with us; students from the U.S.A. joined us to study the Oxford Advanced Studies Programme (OASP). In more recent years the BTEC Business Diploma programmes were introduced with great success.

In July 2018 we registered with the Department for Education (DfE) as an independent sixth form college for 15-19 year-old students and we stand on the cusp of joining the Boarding Schools Association; 85% of our 200 students study a full-time programme of study; 40% of our students board in one of the College’s two boarding houses.

With a student population that is 50% British and 50% international from more than 30 countries, we are now a diverse, vibrant and very forward looking place in which to study.

With half of our students in the first or final year of an A-level or BTEC Business programme, we have become a College of first choice for both U.K. and international students upon their completion of GCSEs or international equivalent qualifications and the numbers of such students continues to grow each year.

What will not change is our offering of so much more than our well established two-year A-level programme. Our highly successful one and two-year BTEC Business Diploma programmes; a January start option for the five-term A-level and BTEC Business Diploma programmes; a one year GCSE programme will remain in place. Our A-level classes will continue to have a maximum of 6 students in each class, not an average, a maximum; BTEC and GCSE classes a maximum of 10 students in each class.

Perhaps of paramount importance is that we will continue to consider each potential student as an individual and not apply a mechanical academic assessment that writes off the opportunity for a student to achieve academic success after GCSEs. The right student studying the right programme and the right subjects can achieve success, irrespective of what has been studied and achieved previously.

From 100 part-time A-level retake students in 1988 to a student body as described above, we have moved away from being a tutorial college to becoming a sixth form college offering local and international students the opportunity to thrive in the environment we offer; thus Oxford Sixth Form College is born.

Our Oxford Sixth Form College FAQs should address any questions or concerns you have regarding this change, but please do not hesitate to contact us at info@oxfordsixthformcollege.com.

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