At Oxford Sixth Form College, we understand that every student is unique. We also know that you’ll achieve more when you’re supported and doing what you love. That’s why – from the moment we meet – we’ll work together to identify your goals, find the right academic programmes, and provide the exceptional teaching and pastoral care you need to thrive.

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At Oxford Sixth Form College, we think beyond traditional education. Our personalised approach offers something different to most mainstream independent schools, giving you the opportunity to design and continually shape your entire learning journey. 

This means choosing from A-Level, BTEC, and GCSE programmes that vary in length, start date, and the combination of academic and vocational subjects. Learning and living here, you’ll have the freedom to be yourself and pursue your passions, too. We'll also help you develop the skills, attributes, and outlook you need to flourish at university and beyond.

In everything you do, we'll encourage you to work hard and develop a real sense of purpose. You’ll feel at home in our closeknit college community, too, where everyone supports one another, and individual passions and talents shine bright.

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Our teaching approach is refreshingly interactive and creative, which sets our college apart from many mainstream independent schools.

We promote strong teacher-student relationships, based on collaboration, trust, and mutual respect. This creates a supportive and empowering environment where you can confidently express your ideas, get the guidance you need, and learn in a way that’s right for you.

We understand the importance of consistency in young lives, too. That’s why you'll be allocated a dedicated Senior Tutor, who will mentor you throughout your time with us. This holistic support ranges from identifying the right academic pathways to weekly meetings and help with university applications.

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We encourage active learning across the curriculum. This includes lively debate and discussion, presentations, and hands-on experiences. These are guided by our expert teachers, who are specialists in their fields.

In tutorial-style classes averaging just six students, our teachers have the time and space to tailor every lesson and activity to the needs of each learner. This guarantees you’ll receive the personalised attention and level of challenge you need to excel.

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