A number of Scholarship awards are available to students who are seeking the benefits of an education at Oxford Sixth Form College.


A Scholarship to your Dream Career

We've helped hundreds of students gain entry to top UK universities and degree courses, setting them on a path toward their specific career aspirations, including Engineering, Economics, Business, and Art.

We're pleased to offer four academic scholarships of up to 50% of A-Level tuition fees, and one creative scholarship of up to 50% of A-Level tuition fees, for domestic students to study towards the career of their dreams.


The following Scholarships are available for domestic students (UK passport holders) to study on our Two-Year A-Level or BTEC Programme:


  • The Mary Jackson Award– for students aiming for Engineering at university

  • The Aarul Malavyia Award - for students aiming to study Economics or Business at university

  • The Tamar MacLellan Award - for students aiming to study an Art-related subject at university
  • *The Brian Cooklin Award - for students aiming to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science at university
  • *The Ivy Williams Award - for students aiming to study Law at university

Please note, scholarships with the asterisk are no longer available for September 2024 entry, but will be available for students looking to enrol in September 2025.

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We are pleased to award a number of Scholarships of up to 30% of the tuition fees for a Five-Term or Two-Year A-Level or BTEC programme. These Scholarships are available to students who show the potential and ambition to succeed in the fields of:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary Science
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Art
  • Business
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All Scholarship applicants for whom English is not a first language will be required to sit an English examination or submit an IELTS (Academic) certificate detailing an overall score of at least 5.5 in all four assessed areas.

To be considered for a Scholarship award a student must be able to demonstrate:

  • Outstanding prior and predicted academic achievement
  • A genuine enthusiasm for and commitment to their chosen future career
The evidence to demonstrate the above qualities will be gathered through:
  • A reference from the student’s current school or college
  • Provision of information concerning achieved and/or predicted academic performance
  • A scholarship examination, where the subject will be determined by the student’s target career
  • An admissions interview
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The assessment for the Art Scholarship is intended to discover artistic ability and exceptional potential. The successful candidate is likely to be one who, besides showing promise, is able to demonstrate that art is a predominant interest in his or her leisure time. Accordingly, candidates are required to submit a portfolio which can include a range of drawings, paintings, photography, animation and/or film.

Ideally, the portfolio will need to be brought to the College but where this is not possible the submission of photographs of a portfolio is acceptable. We are looking for evidence of the creative process, risk taking, and enthusiastic approaches using a variety of media.

Scholarship examinations will be determined by the student’s target career. Thus:
  • Medicine – Chemistry Examination
  • Dentistry – Chemistry Examination
  • Veterinary Science – Chemistry Examination
  • Engineering – Mathematics Examination
  • Law – English (essay) Examination
  • Business – Case Study Examination
  • Art – Portfolio assessment
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Academic Scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of academic achievement and potential, so if the information provided as detailed above and a student’s performance in the Scholarship examination are strong, there will be a follow-up admissions interview and hopefully a scholarship would then be offered.

To secure a Scholarship offer the person paying the student’s college fees must accept the Scholarship offer and pay the requisite registration fee and deposit within six weeks of the offer being made.

If you would like to apply for a Scholarship, or you would like more information about Oxford Sixth Form College, we are always very happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us on +44(0)1865 793333 or email us at

To sustain a Scholarship award into their final year at the College, all College scholars will be expected to:
  • Achieve target grades as set for the end of the first academic year in which they attend the College
  • Sustain a minimum attendance rate of 95%
  • Support the college as an Ambassador during College events
  • Exhibit exemplary behaviour for the duration of their studies
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