Lucy Storey
20 December, 2023

Mathematics Challenge and Olympiad Awards

Mathematics Challenge and Olympiad Awards | Oxford Sixth Form College-Mathematics Challenge and Olympiad Awards-Maths Challenge
We are thrilled to share the exciting results from the 2023 Senior Maths Challenge and Girls Maths Olympiad.

This term, we are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of over 50 of our dedicated Maths students spanning across all year groups, who enthusiastically participated in the Senior Maths Challenge and Girls Maths Olympiad. 

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"Many congratulations to our wonderful Mathematicians. As ever, all was very well organised by Mathematics teacher Alec Swift and, once again, our students' achievements were wonderful."
Mark Love
Principal - Oxford Sixth Form College

During an awards ceremony, Principal Mark Love presented Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates to several students who performed exceptionally well in these challenging competitions. The dedication and hard work of our students, coupled with the guidance and support of our exceptional Maths teachers, have resulted in remarkable achievements that we are immensely proud of.

Among the top performers, Arina stood out by achieving a Distinction in addition to Anh who secured a Merit in the Girls Maths Olympiad, a testament to their dedication and skills in the field of Mathematics.

Hung and Khondamir, also displayed brilliant problem-solving skills in the Senior Kangaroo Challenge. Arthur's achievement of a Gold certificate in the Senior Maths Challenge is a testament to his exceptional mathematical abilities and dedication to academic excellence.

The success of our students in these competitions reflects not only their individual commitment to academic excellence but also the effectiveness of our Mathematics education program. Our Maths teachers, who play a pivotal role in nurturing and guiding our students, were delighted at the overall achievements and commend each participant for their hard work and dedication.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we look forward to more opportunities for our students to excel and showcase their talents in various academic arenas. Congratulations to all the students who participated, making last term a great success in the realm of mathematical achievements.