Lucy Storey
22 November, 2023

Model United Nations Global Conference in Warsaw

MUN Warsaw
Oxford Sixth Form College students travel to The British School in Warsaw for the Model United Nations Global Conference
Ali, one of our excellent senior tutors travelled two of our students, Andres and Julia to The British School in Warsaw, where they participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) conference. 

The agenda for the trip was nothing short of packed, with both Andres and Julia engaging in not one but two conferences, along with offering their perspectives in the General Assembly. The focal point of their participation was the ECOSOC committee, where they delved into the intricate analysis of the US-China trade war and its far-reaching impacts on global trade and economic development.

The ECOSOC committee provided a challenging and intellectually stimulating platform for our students to evaluate and express their views of real-world issues. Through their active involvement, Andres and Julia not only demonstrated their depth of understanding but also displayed their ability to critically evaluate and propose effective solutions to complex international challenges.

A closing ceremony on the final morning, adding a ceremonial touch to the significant discussions and deliberations that took place throughout the conference. 

The exposure gained through the MUN conference not only broadened their perspectives on global affairs but also fostered essential skills such as diplomacy, public speaking, and collaborative problem-solving. The lasting impact of this trip is not only reflected in the academic achievements of our students but also in the memories created and the invaluable experiences gained.

Many thanks to Ali for facilitating this enriching opportunity. Such experiences are a testament to our commitment to providing students with diverse and impactful learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom, preparing them for success in an ever-evolving global landscape.