Lucy Storey
11 December, 2023

Model United Nations Conference

MUN Conference
Four Oxford Sixth Form College students take part in the d'Overbroecks Model United Nations Conference
The Model United Nations (MUN) Programme at Oxford Sixth Form College serves as a valuable platform for our students to delve into the intricate workings of the United Nations. This programme not only fosters a comprehensive understanding of the UN's operations but also provides an avenue for students to engage in insightful debates on various global political issues and international affairs.

Last week, four of our outstanding students Khondamir, Andres, Rachael, and Yok actively participated in an MUN Conference hosted at d’Overbroecks. The students, having chosen specific countries to represent, delivered compelling speeches that acknowledged the challenges faced by the populations of those nations and explored potential avenues for global assistance.

The students' presentations highlighted their research and understanding of the complex issues at hand, reflecting their dedication to informed and thoughtful discourse. Notably, they went beyond identifying problems and demonstrated a keen awareness of diplomatic solutions by proposing resolutions and amendments.

Participating in the MUN Conference was not just an academic exercise. It provided them with a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-world context, honing their public speaking, research, and negotiation skills. Congratulations to Khondamir, Andres, Rachael, and Yok for their exceptional efforts and commendable performance during the conference.

As we continue to encourage our students to actively engage in programs like MUN, we anticipate witnessing more remarkable achievements and intellectual growth. The MUN Programme at Oxford Sixth Form College remains a dynamic arena for fostering global awareness, critical thinking, and diplomatic skills among our aspiring young leaders.