Lucy Storey
04 March, 2024

BTEC Students Careers Day

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During Careers Week at Oxford Sixth Form College our BTEC students organised their own, fantastic careers day which was a huge success!

This initiative was organized by some of our wonderful BTEC Business students, with Amelia as the Event Manager, Elizabeth as the Co-Coordinator, Virakyuth as the Marketing Manager, Ariya and Watcharapat as HR representatives, Ada Su as the Internal Communications/Social Media Representative, Anatoliy and William as Budget Coordinators, and Mohammad also as an HR representative.

There were a total of four speakers during the event. Sue Hall, a professional city Lawyer, attended in person to share her personal experiences during her studies and to provide advice about how students can balance their academic and social lives effectively during their studies. She discussed how she decided to become a Lawyer and what motivated her during difficult times. Richard Bartlett, an entrepreneur, discussed his career, goals, failures, and experiences in entrepreneurship. Victor Petrov, also appearing online, is a funding manager at a company, and he shared his experiences as both an investment banker and a funding manager, along with his perspective on how to be successful in the field. Richard Evelyn, who attended in person, is a finance manager at a company that finances car purchases. Previously in the Royal Navy, he decided to pursue a career in finance due to his preference for numerical professions. He emphasized the importance of trying everything and seizing opportunities.

We organized this event to provide students with the opportunity to hear from different individuals about their life and career experiences. Speakers with extensive experience and strong opinions could motivate students to study and evaluate whether their chosen careers are suitable for them. This event aimed to alleviate students' fears about choosing university courses and their professional paths, as the speakers encouraged them not to fear making mistakes since there is always time to change one's mind.