Lucy Storey
08 March, 2022

Students nominated for 2022 BTEC Awards

We're delighted to announce that we have put forward two of our BTEC Business students for BTEC Student of the Year at the 2022 BTEC Awards. Krish Anadkat from Malawi and Maryam Alizadeh from Iran are both exceptional students who have each significantly contributed to the College community and BTEC programme.

As part of their nomination, they each submitted a statement that talks about their experience of the BTEC programme. Read excerpts from their submissions below:


Maryam Alizadeh

A few years ago I came to the UK with the dream of studying Business. After GCSEs, I chose BTEC over A-Levels because I believe Business is a subject that has to be learned through experience and practical ways. As BTEC is more practical and focused on a particular career path, I found BTEC a perfect choice. What makes me passionate about business is that the world's problems are becoming more complex and we need leaders with skills to solve the problems and create a better world which I hope I will be able to do in the future.

BTEC has given me the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in key business areas and core skills and provided me with a broad-based business education which would be a suitable introduction for both higher education and entry into a specialized business career. Studying BTEC Business Extended Diploma has taught me real, practical skills for the business world including making presentations, completing group tasks, interpreting financial data, producing business documents, and responding to tough business decisions. I have been interested in the operation of different businesses and how local businesses can expand to become successful globally.


Krish Anadkat

How is BTEC helping me to prepare for my future?

BTEC is helping me to prepare for my future because I was able to clearly identify which business field I would like to focus more on when I go to university. Most of the units that we have done so far have given me a small taster. For example, Unit 36 was about starting your own business. This was a great opportunity for me to know the skills, knowledge and documents that are required to start a business as I would like to have my own business in the future.


How am I a role model to others within my school, college, or local community?

Student Council has helped me to become a role model to others because at first, I was very anti-social. I was not able to talk to someone with great confidence but after joining Student Council, it has really helped me to become the better person I am now by working as a team, increasing leadership skills, and being able to take things under pressure. I was able to overcome being an anti-social person and become a social person who can help others due to Student Council.


The final shortlist will be announced on 13th May 2022 and the awards will take place on 23rd June 2022. Please join us in wishing Maryam and Krish the best of luck, and watch this space!