Lucy Storey
16 June, 2021

EOY Awards 2021

We're delighted to announce the winners of our End of Year Awards 2021. This past year, our students have experienced some truly extraordinary circumstances, the likes of which they had never before seen in their lifetime. Regardless, they have persevered with their studies and college commitments and have achieved some remarkable results. We are extremely proud of each and every one of them.

In amongst this exceptional group of students, a select few have gone above and beyond and have really stood out to our staff. Please find the list in full below:


Student of the Year

The students that win this award, embody the best of Oxford Sixth Form College! They are dedicated to their studies, attend their classes and hand in their assignments on time, want to improve at everything they do, show kindness and respect to students and staff, and take part in College life.

Joint winners, Olivia Marcham and Mila Antonovic

Nominees: Carlo Panzeri and Martin Schill


Contribution to the College or Wider Community

This student could be an active member of the Student Council or contribute to the whole student body. This could be someone who supports at events and who may support other students and/or raise funds for charity.

Winner: Nyasha Makwarimba

Nominee: Mila Antonovic


Boarding Student of the Year

The student we have chosen is always back before curfew, is always respectful, and has helped and supported others and has generally been a joy to have in the boarding house.

  • Pensons Gardens Winner: Kanokwan Suphonsin

  • St Ebbes Winner: Fatin Khairul Nizam


Personal Achievement Award

Rather than merely completing their qualification, this could be someone who has achieved success at a national level or achieved beyond expectation. This could be someone who has made significant improvement/progress, or who has overcome hardship, disability, or other personal adversity.

Winner: Artjoms Arsalanovs

Nominee: Nyasha Makwarimba


The Endeavour Award

The endeavour award is a way of giving recognition to a student who has had to overcome significant challenges throughout their course but despite this has worked consistently hard throughout the year demonstrating absolute commitment to their College studies. This is someone who has provided support for others, or who has involved themselves in fund raising and other events or experienced personal challenges.

Winner: Kanokwan Suphonsin (Rainey)

Nominee: On-Atcharee Pornipachayan (Sunshine)


The Progress Award

The students nominated for this award will not necessarily be the highest achieving students but the ones that have made considerable progress during the year. In considering nominations for this award the Vice Principal has taken into consideration the starting and finishing points of the students, attitude to learning, attendance and punctuality, academic progress and personal development progress.

Winner: Sarvarbek Karamatov


  • Vanessa Akpabio - English Literature

  • Alexander Andrews - Biology

  • Huzun Jia (Aubrey) - BTEC Business

  • Sarvarbek Karamatov - Sociology

  • Anna Khuhol - APP

  • Thi Trang Dong (Tracy) - Mathematics

  • Emily Wright - History of Art


Curriculum Area Student of the Year

This is a student who has excelled academically in one of the three curriculum areas.

  • BTEC and Humanities - Ema Klimentova

  • English and The Arts - Olivia Marcham

  • Maths and Science - Renata Kim


Outstanding achievement for Art and Design

Coco Bardsley
Rebecca Colling
Gelsomina Scuderi


Biology Olympiad 2021


  • Martin Schill

  • Leila Franzen

Highly Commended

  • Evrard Bachy

  • Abubakr Peer (Abie


  • Ava Wittenburg

  • Nunnapat Jantorn (Mod)


  • Temilade Samuel

  • Yue Hue (Aurora)

  • Ahoura Razeghijahromi

  • Thanyarat Dokmaingam (Fern)

  • Zhongxian Shen (Katerina)

  • Kaixin Qin (Lesley)


Huge congratulations to all our 2021 winners and our thanks for generally being such a great bunch of students!