Lucy Storey
12 June, 2020

End of Year Awards 2020

As our GCSE and Upper Sixth students finish their lessons today we celebrate those who have really stood out this year.

While it's unfortunately not possible to give them the awards ceremony they deserve this year, or even a proper goodbye, we are exceptionally proud of each and every one of our students and want to thank them for their hard work and contribution to College life over the past year.

Each of the winners has received a certificate via email for the following awards:


Students of the Year

Nyasha Makwarimba
Tom Sweetnam


Runner-Up Students of the Year

Billy McCauley
Jeongrae Kim
Zhuoyan Jiang
Kanokwan (Rainy) Suphonsin


Outstanding Progress

Toby Anand



Annesha Ashek
Gürsel Çakar
Ella Freeston
Paloma Gery
Herbie Woodcock


Personal Achievement

Archie Douglas-Hamilton
Ji Hyeok Kim
Ketsana Xaysana
Leith Greig-Connor
Rosa Leeder
Jack Rootkin-Gray
Yifei Zhou
Rebecca Colling
Billy McCauley
Herbie Woodcock



Phoebe Baynham
Yuhao (Thiago) Li
Qiaoyi (Sarah) Chen
Yafei Liu
Leila Franzen


Contribution to the College

Salar Bangash


Contribution to the Wider Community

Tom Sweetnam