Lucy Storey
26 March, 2020

Tips for Remote Learning

It was always going to have its challenges.

You've gone from physically attending classes in an academic environment with a teacher standing in front of you, to suddenly sitting at home in front of an online class and being expected to maintain the same levels of concentration and engagement. It's a tall order and can leave you feeling a bit lost.

Well, we're here to tell you that it can be done; it just requires a bit of self-discipline. See below for our tips on how to stay on track while learning remotely.


Find a suitable study space

Before you begin, you need to separate your college life from your home life. Designate a space in your home to be your study area and only go there to study. Don't be tempted to just lie on your bed with your laptop - lines between studying and relaxing can become blurred this way, which makes self-motivation even harder!

Your study area should be quiet, with good light and a strong WiFi connection. Oh, and make sure you have a good chair. You'll thank us for this later.


Get dressed

This might seem like a small thing but it can make a world of difference. Something as simple as getting dressed changes your whole mindset and approach to the day. You've never come to College in your pyjamas (well, if you have, we haven't noticed!) so get yourself ready for the day before attacking your online study.



Have the right tools

Just as you would in a classroom setting, you will need to attend your online lessons readily prepared with the right resources and equipment. A good internet connection is vital and it's a good idea to log in to your online platform before the start of the lesson, so that you know that everything is working. Have a notebook handy to write down anything you don't understand or questions to ask the teacher later.


Maintain structure

This is a really important one; without structure to your day procrastination can reign, so make a plan for each day and stick to it. You will still have a timetable of your online lessons, so schedule in self study around those sessions. Start at the same time every day and finish at the same time every day, with breaks in between.


Find a cheerleader

Whether this is a parent or someone else in your household, ask someone to encourage you and make sure you stick to your study schedule. Keep them informed as to the assignments you're working on and to check in with you regularly. It's always easier when it feels like there's someone else on the journey with you.


Communication is key

Stay in contact with your teacher and your peers, speaking as regularly as you would if you were in College. Also stay in contact with your Senior Tutor - they are there to support you and help you with any concerns, but they're also genuinely interested to hear how you're doing. Send them your good news and let them celebrate with you.


Contribute in class

One of the hardest aspects to replicate in online learning is the interaction in a physical class. Your teacher will try to foster the same enthusiastic conversations and debates you would have in class but may feel discouraged if faced with radio silence. Ask that question; share that viewpoint; counter that argument; keep the interaction going!


Take breaks

This is a simple one. Too much of anything in a short space of time is exhausting and demotivating. make sure you schedule in regular breaks to do something complete separate from College work. Get some fresh air; call a friend; browse Instagram; a have a snack; watch an episode of something. Be disciplined with it, though, and and make sure you go back to studying afterwards.


Reward yourself

You've finally submitted that assignment you've been struggling with. Well done; give yourself a reward! Whether it's satisfying that sweet craving or treating yourself to that dress or gadget you've had your eye on. You deserve it. Plan in little rewards to keep yourself going. It works a treat!


Look after yourself

Lastly, but most importantly, take care of yourself. Stay hydrated, eat healthily, get some exercise, and look after your mental health. Find time for something that relaxes you and makes you happy and try not to absorb too much of the current headlines - this can be so draining.