Our Ethos

The College offers an approach quite different to that of a traditional school. The key to the Oxford Sixth Form College learning environment is that we aim to provide an alternative to the mainstream. This means that in addition to offering a mainstream, academic, two-year A-Level programme, we provide A-Level, BTEC and GCSE programmes of study that in terms of their length, start dates and combination of academic and vocational subjects are rarely available in mainstream independent schools. We are very much a college preparing young people for the responsibilities of life at university and beyond rather than a school. The culture of the College is one that encourages hard work and a growing sense of responsibility in a supportive environment. From the first meeting with a student at an admissions interview to identify their goals and motivation to providing clear, constructive support, including individual learning plans, during their time with us, we treat each of our students as an individual.

Teaching Method

Our teaching approach is refreshingly interactive and informal. The support provided by subject tutors is thoughtful and creative, focusing specifically on individual learning styles. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process at every stage.

Course material is taught in a clear and direct way, with careful review and continual practice of previous examination questions. Tutors ensure that students develop a good set of notes and encourage systematic revision. Time is also allowed for an overall subject review as the examinations approach, in order to check understanding and enable further exam practice.

Teaching Groups

A key part of the Oxford Sixth Form College learning environment is that an active learning style is encouraged and each student may be asked to present material and exchange views with others. This is followed by guidance from the teacher on the interpretation, manipulation and analysis of the material. Preparation is required.

Teaching groups consist of no more than eight students in A-Level groups and no more than ten students in the other programmes we offer. This small group size enables close discussion of each topic whilst still allowing a high degree of personal attention.