What is Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics involves studying both pure and applied modules. All students will study mathematical argument; language and proof; mathematical problem solving; and mathematical modelling. They will also be able to choose two options from mechanics, statistics, and discrete mathematics.

How is it studied?

Edexcel A-Level Further Mathematics is taught in the final year of the two-year and five-term A-Level programmes after a student has completed A-Level Mathematics and achieved a minimum of a grade B.

OCR, OCR MEI and AQA A-Level Further Mathematics are available as two-term or one year retake programmes. 

How is A-Level Further Mathematics assessed?

Exam board: Edexcel 

Students are examined in four papers.

Paper 1 and Paper 2 are compulsory requirements:

Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1
Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2

Each paper is:
1 hour and 30 minutes written examination

Content overview
Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further
vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic functions, Differential equations

Paper 3 and Paper 4 are chosen  from one of the following combinations to add to the compulsory content:

Paper 3: Further Pure Mathematics 1 and Paper 4: Further Pure Mathematics 2


Paper 3: Further Mechanics 1 and Paper 4: Further Mechanics 2


Paper 3: Further Statistics 1 and Paper 4: Further Statistics 2

In addition to Edexcel, OCR and AQA A-Level Further Mathematics are available as retake programmes. 


What do I need?

A minimum grade A (7) in GCSE Mathematics (or equivalent) and a minimum grade B in A-Level Mathematics (or equivalent).

What should I study with Further Mathematics?

You will have completed A-Level Mathematics before studying A-Level Further Mathematics so when choosing your A-Levels choose ‘A-Level Mathematics with A-Level Further Mathematics’ and add two more subjects. Physics, Computer Science, Economics are frequently combined with Mathematics and Further Mathematics to enable strong applications to degree courses including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science and Economics.

What can I do with A-Level Further Mathematics?

For degrees such as Engineering, Sciences, Computer Sciences or Economics at top universities, Further Mathematics is an essential requirement for entry.