Studying three A-Levels in one year is a significant academic mountain to climb even for the most able of students and Oxford Sixth Form College is now offering a programme to make the ascent somewhat less daunting.

Our four-term programme, beginning in April 2021, provides students with the opportunity to spend twelve hours per week in the summer term undertaking preparation for the One Year A-Level course starting in September 2021. Students will gain an early outline and overview of all the topics to be studied within their chosen A-Levels; study key concepts and terminology of their chosen subjects and begin to learn those critical skills of analysis and evaluation that are so important to success at A-Level. Taught by highly experienced and able teachers, students will be able to benefit from early exposure to how A-Levels are best studied and assessed.


Students will benefit from:

  • 12 hours of lessons per week*
  • Option of online or face-to-face lessons
  • Full academic and pastoral support from a Senior Tutor
  • Help and guidance with University applications, including full participation in summer term UCAS activities
  • Small class sizes
  • Expert Tutors

*Number of teaching hours increases from 12 to 21 hours per week from September 2021.



Students can choose from the following A-level subject combinations:

Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

and will continue with these subjects in academic year 2021/22.


For the summer term, the course is available on-line and through face-to-face tuition at the College. Whether studying remotely or in person, students will be assigned a Senior Tutor and will be able to fully participate in the College’s summer term preparations for students planning to attend university in September 2022. In this way, students can enjoy their summer holidays knowing that every aspect of their university application has been prepared and thus avoid the highly pressured environment of arriving at College for the first time in September and having to complete university applications before the Oxford and Cambridge; medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science deadline of mid-October 2021.


For more information or to apply, email or complete our Enquiry Form.