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The best way to understand what life is really like at Oxford Sixth Form College is by hearing it from the students themselves. We asked a number of students across a range of programmes why they have enjoyed studying at the College so much. We love their answers!

Leith, UK

A-Level student, now studying Psychology at the University of St Andrews

“Oxford Sixth Form College offered the flexibility to study the A-levels I was interested in. I found a course that suited me perfectly and I continue to be inspired and encouraged in every class by both staff and students. The aspect I love most about Oxford Sixth Form College is the atmosphere. Everyone is genuinely friends with everyone and teachers and students alike support each other in any way we can.”

Nayden, Bulgaria

BTEC student, now studying Management and Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University

“Since I arrived I have absolutely adored the way the college operates, and the numerous opportunities it has provided me with. I have had the opportunity to significantly improve my English language, as I have to speak English every single day as there are not many Bulgarian people around. This has ultimately helped me become friends with a lot of different people, coming from different countries. The college has provided me with a multicultural educational environment with students and teachers from all around the world.”

Annesha, Bangladesh

A-Level student, now studying Economics at the University of Melbourne

“There’s a great support network for international students and I feel very lucky that we have Senior Tutors here. Being far away from home and your family, it’s wonderful to know that there is always someone looking out for you and someone to go to whenever you have a problem. Also, because it’s so diverse and multicultural, being from a different country doesn’t make you feel alienated.”

XI (Irene), China
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A-Level student, now studying Chemical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London

“I came to Oxford Sixth Form College because I want to enter a UK university. I liked my Previous school in China but it did not have the small classes and the flexible timetable that this college has. The environment at the college is preparing me for university life and the diversity has helped me to learn about lots of different cultures. I have made friends from lots of different countries.
The academic atmosphere of Oxford inspires me to work harder and aim for my dream school.”

Gürsel, Germany

IFY Business student, now studying Mathematics with Financial Mathematics at the University of Manchester

“It has been a great experience studying in an international college where support and education are of the highest calibre. There is a significant level of support from all the staff and the essay questions and internal assignments encourage students to engage in wider reading, which is relevant to university-level studies.”

Supachai, Thailand
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A-Level student, now studying Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London

“The College has a warm environment from friends and staff. Staff are open-minded and friendly so you will have a great time with them. English is my second language so Oxford Sixth Form College is supporting me by providing IELTS classes. My tutor is super serious about the subject and is helping me to improve my English skills a lot.”

Wenkexin (Richard), China

BTEC student, now studying Marketing Management at Queen Mary University of London

”I was never as committed to studying before I came to Oxford Sixth Form College, this is all thanks to my tutors. Everyone is friendly and passionate, My classmates all have their individual goals and I can feel the energy of how badly they want to achieve them.”

Isla, UK

A-Level student, now studying Geography at the University of Exeter

“With a wealth of teaching experience, my teachers challenged me to think and write more like an Undergraduate than a Sixth Form student. The College pastoral system is strong; my Senior Tutor was not only a friendly face but also very helpful in providing tips for the best places to get lunch! I feel that the College tutors have prepared me very well for University.”

Sophia, Laos

A-Level student, now studying Law and Politics at the Queen Mary University of London

“Oxford Sixth Form College is a college that contains many qualified staff and teachers who will be able to help and guide students who want to go to a UK university. The courses are flexible and teachings can be personalized in order to handle time-sensitive situations. The location itself is fantastic: even though the school isn’t all in one building, all of the campuses are located within the heart of Oxford.”

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At Oxford Sixth Form College, it all starts with you. We’ll identify your goals, make sure you’re on the right academic pathway, and provide the all-round support you need to thrive.