Oxford Sixth Form College has an excellent record of helping students to win places at top-ranked UK universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and King’s College, London. Many of our staff are Oxbridge graduates, which puts students in an ideal position to learn how to approach an Oxbridge application.
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Our staff have many years’ experience in Oxbridge entry and university exam preparation, and understand what Admissions Tutors are looking for.
As such, we are able to provide advice on all stages of the application process, including:
  • How to choose the right course for you
  • Whether to make an open application or choose a College
  • How to write a Personal Statement
  • Guidance on submitting written work
  • University exam preparation / entrance tests
  • How to approach the Oxbridge interview
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Interviews can be a crucial part of the application process, and for Oxford and Cambridge they are usually the most important factor in whether an offer is made. The expectation is that all candidates aiming for Oxbridge entry will be set to achieve the highest grades at A-Level – so the interview serves to find the differences between many high-achieving candidates.

Interviews exist to attempt to measure two things:

1. Does the candidate have a genuine commitment to their chosen course and a real interest in the subject?

2. Does the candidate have the intellectual capability to thrive on the course and succeed? Can they carefully and imaginatively think through problems and develop a clear and rational argument? Can they think on their feet? Will they be interesting and stimulating to teach?

For students applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine, the interview also serves to establish which students are most likely to have the commitment, character and awareness necessary to finish a long and demanding course and continue on to a long career in the medical profession.

At Oxford Sixth Form College we have many years’ experience of such applications and can offer mock interviews with a broad range of tutors who are fully familiar with the processes involved. For those who would like to test or hone their interview skills, we carry out a forty-minute interview followed by twenty minutes of feedback, during which we answer any further questions a candidate may have and give further guidance on how to improve.

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At Oxford Sixth Form College, it all starts with you. We’ll identify your goals, make sure you’re on the right academic pathway, and provide the all-round support you need to thrive.