Why is the name changing?

Click here to read a letter from Principal Mark Love, outlining the reasons behind this change and where the College is going from 2019.


When will this name change come into effect?

In order that we start the new year as Oxford Sixth Form College, the new name will be launched on 21st December 2018.


What exactly is a ‘sixth form college’ and how is it different from a school?

Somewhere that treats students like young adults, not children, and thereby better prepares them effectively for life at university and beyond; somewhere that, whilst it may have a very small number of fifteen year-old students, has a specialist focus on the 16-19 age group and the specific academic and social needs of 16-19 year-olds; somewhere where students can ‘find their own space’ to develop personally and academically whilst knowing that support is there and available when and if needed.


Will we need to sign a revised agency agreement with Oxford Sixth Form College, or can we continue working under the current contract?

No, your contract with Oxford Sixth Form College will not be affected by the change of name and there is no need to sign an updated agreement at this stage.


Will there be a new website? What is the web address?

An updated website will be live shortly before Christmas. The web address for this will be https://www.oxfordsixthformcollege.com


When will new marketing materials be available and how do I access them?

New and updated materials will be available on your dedicated Partners page shortly before Christmas and available from your Regional Managers in the New Year


Are you still offering the same programmes?

Yes, we will continue to offer the same programmes, with the addition of the International Foundation Year, starting in September 2019


Is the College going to change premises?

We currently have builders working on refurbishing our second building in King Edward Street; a building in which we are going to take more floors and then move out of our Cambridge Terrace building in the 2019 spring term. During the next eighteen months we will be investing considerably in upgrading our main building in King Edward Street and our third teaching building in Alfred Street. We will of course update you as these refurbishments are completed.


Is the College going to become bigger?

We do not want any more than 250 students attending the College at any one time. By keeping the student numbers at this level we can sustain close attention and support and small class sizes of 6 for A-Level and no more than 9 in all other subject classes.


Will this name change affect or delay my student’s visa application?

No, the application process will stay exactly the same and should not cause any delays. If you have any specific questions, please email internationaladmissions@oxfordtutorialcollege.com.


My student is completing their studies at the College in the summer of 2019. What name will appear on their examination board certificates?

Oxford Sixth Form College


I have a student already studying at the College, completing their studies at the College in 2020 or 2021. What name will appear on their examination board certificates?

Oxford Sixth Form College


My student has applied through UCAS to go to university in the autumn of 2019, does the name change have any effect on their application? Do they need to tell the universities of the College’s change of name?

No and no. UCAS will use the name Oxford Sixth Form College for the 2020 university entry cohort onward i.e. only for students submitting applications from 1st September 2019 onward for admission to university in the autumn of 2020.


Will the College admit A-Level retake students in the future?

10% of our current 200 students are retaking their A-levels at the College and we will continue to offer a similar number of places to retake students in the future.


Will there be any changes in pastoral support?

No. The role of Senior Tutor implemented in September 2018 will remain and these roles are very much a reflection of the support a sixth form college rather than a tutorial college or school provides.


I have a question that is not listed here, who do I contact?

Please contact your Regional Manager. Find their details here.