The Oxford Gap Year Programme is an opportunity for international students to experience the tutorial method of instruction favoured by Oxford and Cambridge. Students are able to pursue their academic interests through meetings in small seminar groups, supported by weekly one-to-one tutorials.

The Oxford Gap Year Programme courses are primarily intended for:

  • High School graduates taking a ‘Gap year’
  • High School students taking a semester (or longer) in Oxford to pursue courses of particular interest, develop academic skills, and benefit from an insight into British culture


Our students normally enrol for one, two or three terms: a term is typically three to four months long. Longer or shorter course lengths are also possible due to the flexibility of our tutorial format. You can take up to four classes from a wide choice of subjects. All our courses are tailored to suit you: teaching is student-focused, while course material is designed to be stimulating and thought-provoking – not dry and laborious.