Since Monday 23rd March, the college has transitioned to deliver an online learning programme in place of face-to-face teaching. Please find below a series of questions and answers regarding this change.

The objectives of our online learning programme are:

  • To complete the academic syllabus for the year
  • To continue to support students in their academic needs and goals
  • To provide students with a structure and clarity to their days during the summer term

How are we delivering online learning?

Students’ teachers have provided them with information regarding topics to be covered during the final two weeks of the current term and will provide on-going support.

Students and staff will have completed the transition to Microsoft Teams by Friday 27th March but teachers will use varying methods of remote teaching including Google Classroom. All students and parents have been informed of the mode of remote teaching a teacher will use.

The online learning experience during the summer term will include, variously, online meetings, live chat, and file sharing.

Lessons will, as a far as possible, be delivered as per the timetable sent to each student and parent.

Will the timetable remain the same?

Yes. As far as possible, we expect students to work on a given subject in the usual lesson slot. All lessons will follow GMT timings but we will do our best to ensure that a student for whom GMT timings constitute a difficulty is receiving the support they need.

How will work be marked and assessed?

Students will submit completed assignments to teachers via email or file sharing and will receive feedback in the usual manner.

How will students access the resources they need?

Students will be given clear instruction by teachers as to how to find the resources they require to complete the work.

What can parents do to support their son or daughter?

All parents have been sent their son or daughter’s timetable and we encourage you to ensure they maintain the same structure they would have had if they were in College. Please do not hesitate to contact their Senior Tutor if you have any concerns.

Who should parents send their questions to?

Please send any questions regarding your son or daughter’s work to their Senior Tutor, who will liaise with the relevant teacher.

We appreciate there are likely to be challenges to a move online in such a short space of time but would like to thank you in advance for your support and help.