In-depth career assessment

With guidance, advice and careful discussion, it is normally possible to make a clear and sensible choice of A-Level subjects or a BTEC programme, according to the most likely degree or career options. The key is finding subjects that are the right ‘fit’: subjects that you both enjoy and have an aptitude for. Our guidance begins at a student’s admissions interview.

Senior staff and senior tutors have decades of experience of working with students to provide guidance and advice but should uncertainty about future career choices remain, we may suggest a personality-oriented careers assessment*, carried out by a trained careers counsellor external to the College. This assessment consists of a range of questions that identify traits, aptitudes and preferences relevant to future careers and study. These are explored further with the help of the careers counsellor.

As a careers assessment may influence the choice of A-Level subjects, it is important that evaluations are made early. Ideally, where a student wishes to undergo a careers assessment in order to select A-Level subjects, we should be contacted before the beginning of the course to arrange an appointment with a careers counsellor.

*Please note that an additional fee is charged for testing and subsequent advice.

Your Senior Tutor

Students are also assigned to a Senior Tutor who ensures that they are meeting the challenges of academic work. Regular meetings are held to discuss study issues, largely based on the progress reports generated by subject tutors. Help is also given in organising study time, prioritising work and refining various study and exam techniques.

Students invariably develop a helpful and constructive working relationship with their Senior Tutor. If a student is falling behind with work, a strategy is adopted to remedy matters. Where it is thought desirable, parents may be consulted to support any remedial action required.